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hi i was wondering if you could help me. In season 9, episode 10, where Dan has just jumped in front of Nate to stop him being hurt, and after Nate kills the bad guy, why does he drop the gun when the policeman comes in? surely he could of shot at him too? but he didn't. he obey'd the cop and dropped his gun, he knew he was a fake cop so why did he drop the gun? I don't know if i'm over thinking this but it's played on my mind for a long time haha. what do you think?

Maybe because when the cop came in he was distracted, Nathan had the gun in his hand but he wasn’t aiming, his arm was down, so if tried to point and shoot he could have shot the cop but in the moment he lifted his arm the cop was going to shot him as well, maybe Nathan didn’t want to risk it, what Dan did would have been for nothing if he did. I don’t know, I guess that was the way it was supposed to happen since Julian was there to save him.

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I loved how One Tree Hill can make you feel exactly what the character felt, except, of course, the character felt it at a stronger degree. When Clay realized that he had a son, I was as shocked and crushed as he was. I had never felt like that in another show, honestly. When he was about to confess to Logan that he was his father, I could imagine his anxiety and fear of the unknown. I love how they explain everything in scrutiny so we can live in the character's head and feel their emotions.

Yeah that’s one of the many reasons why I love OTH, I feel so close to these characters, I can’t remember how many times I’ve cried because of what they’ve been through.

I’ve felt their pain so many times, when Haley told Nathan she wanted a divorce, Nathan in a wheelchair and when he lost basketball, when Brooke was attacked, also when she found out she couldn’t have babies, Haley’s depression, Peyton’s constant sadness because everyone left her at some point, the so many deaths, wow I can’t even name everything it’s too much, but all those times I felt like it was me, it wasn’t just something on tv, you can really feel the emotions, the writers are amazing at making us feel like we’re right there.